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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best $10 I Ever Spent!

It's summer, or the end of it I should say, and us oily/combo girls need some help! I will FOREVER stand by that face masks, change lives. Lol
Truth be told they do help immensely, so adding one to your current skincare routine can only help improve your skin.
I use a variety different masks, depending on time of year, results I'm looking for,  and my current skin condition.
I use the Boots Botanics Shine Away clay mask to purify and mattify. It's great for any age, even teenagers, starting them out on the path to great skincare.
If you're oily, you use it all over the face, it dries fairly quickly, in less than 10 minutes. For combo girls, with an oily T zone, you can use it as a spot mask on the nose and forehead.
This mask can be used  at least one a week, and as needed. It also retails, just under our $10 price range.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sinful Colors Neon Nailpolish

Hey EVERYONE!!! I know I don't do nails, I just don't. It takes too much time and I ALWAYS mess it up, no matter how much dry time I have.
Well I have a nail polish collection, that has created itself, so what do it with it? Might as well put it to good use.
Sinful colors was the tested by consumer reports, and came out #1!!
It even beat out Chanel! A mani using Sinful Colors lasted 10 days, longer than any other brand tested.
Now, Sinful Colors is EVERYWHERE, and us penny pinchers already knew about it.
When I saw the neons collection, I just had to have it! I must admit, I'm a nail polish snob. I will buy limited edition colors, but that's about it, no standard colors/ finishes for me LOL.
The great thing about Sinful Colors, is at $1.99 you can buy them all without making a dent in your wallet.
Here are swatches from the neons collection and the mani I created using them along with Sinful Colors nail stickers. Did I forget to tell you about the nail stickers? Here they are!

I swatched them next to China Glaze's neons. Pretty close in color and consistency if I do say so myself...except about $5 cheaper.
In each pic China Glaze is on the left, Sinful on the right.
(Please excuse my poor cuticles)

Sunday, January 4, 2015


As you may have known or realized not all nude palettes are created equal.
They all can't be UD Naked, but some can try.
I took all my nude palettes, 4 at the time, and lined them up against each other. Can they measure up to the Naked palette in variety, pigmentation and quality?
Let's see!

Urban Decay Naked palette $52
Forever 21 Smoky Palette $7
Coastal Scents Revealed Palette $25
Maybelline The Nudes $10

If you know me by now, you know that I did not pay full price for any of this LOL! I'd like to thank sales, coupons, and employee discounts for making this all possible!

Urban Decay Naked
What can I say? It's a classic, in the short time it's spent on this planet. I don't know what it is, but I want to wear all the colors at one time. You can't go wrong with this palette at all and I think that is why it is often imitated but never duplicated...unless you count Naked 2 and 3.
In true UD fashion they are pigmentated, long lasting colors. There are a mixture of matte, shimmer and glitter textures. Basically a little is all u need. I don't need to say anymore because you probably already own this one. And if your thinking about buying this palette, but choke on the $52 price tag, for the 12 colors included in this palette it works out to be about $4.33 cents an eyeshadow.
Let's look at some other brands gunning for that Naked throne.

Maybelline The Nudes
Everyone and their mama was after this palette. Hell! I worked in the store when this palette came out and still had to wait as I watched our meager supply sell out in a day!
It's a nice beginner palette. The colors are arranged in a quad system, so the 4 colors adjacent to each other would ideally be used together to different looks. For anyone more experienced with makeup you know we are not just going tostick to those 4 colors.
Basically it's 3 quads, 4 colors in each quad making it 12 colors in total.
For the price it's an awesome deal! for 12 colors, it comes out to be about 83 cents per eye shadow.
It's a nice palette. I appreciate mass brands getting in on the palette idea, especially with the nudes. The pigmentation is average. Good for a drugstore brand.
How do the colors match up to the Naked palette?  Not even close! the quality is at opposite sides of the makeup spectrum. I would say it's nice for someone just starting with makeup.

Forever 21 Smokey Palette
Let's just say I HAD to buy something, so I chose this.  It's not horrible, but Forever 21 sells party dress and heels, not makeup. The palette looked reasonable and at $7, why not!?
Also another nice palette for beginners. Some shadows are a little hard. The pigmentation is ok, better than I expected, but not even up to maybelline standards. The packaging it attempts to be Naked. But my dear, naked you are not. Our least expensive palette coming in at 70 cents an eyeshadow, it's worth it for your teenager to practice with.

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette
OK you got me coastal scents. You look good, almost too good to be true. You're running around passing yourself off as 2 naked palettes at $25, how dare u?!! I like Coastal Scents. The quality of their products is amazing,  it's almost witchcraft. Upon first look there is a close comparison in the variety of colors. There is a dupe for every Naked 1 (and 2) shadow in the revealed palette.
The quality was the best out of all the naked imposters, by far!!! If you're just not feeling UD, try the Revealed palette. 1/2 the money, twice as much product.

$1 *GEM*

Yes it's back, I'M BACK!!
I've been away too long and I have so much to say and do!!!
I decided to start with a $1 *GEM* to bring you back and make you love me again (fingers crossed!!)
The *GEM* comes from Profusion cosmetics.
It's a very affordable brand of cosmetics, probably best know for eyeshadows. But this product is a lippie. A "lip luster" to be exact. It has the consistency of a lipgloss, but goes on like a liquid lipstick. The pigmentation is amazing, especially for $1. What's even better is its non drying even though it has a matte finish. It tends to stay put, just don't try eating or drinking with these bad boys on. It instantly disappears.
Although the disappearing act is normally a bad thing, with all its other good qualities I can over look this. Plus it goes on so easily and doesn't smudge or bleed that you can just whip it out anywhere and reapply it effortlessly!
There are 6 colors and of course I got all 6.
They are available at Walgreens, Ulta and most beauty supply stores. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

$1 *GEM*

I know it's been a while since I bought you guys a $1 *GEM*. As a matter of fact this item was not even really $1, it was a $1.19.
But these AMAZING storage containers are worth WAY more than that!
As you may know I frequent discount and dollar stores looking for steals, and this time I TOTALLY lucked out! I have been looking for good, convenient,  cheap and kinda cute storage for a while, and I found it on my way to work in the morning. These storage bins are a godsend! I bought as much as I can use, but I am thinking of hoarding some for future use. They are cute, stackable, don't take up a lot of space, yet they are surprisingly roomy! Plus there is no assembly required. 
They come in 4 colors and 5/6 different styles. I chose the boat style for my collection of items waiting to be tested and the front loading box style holds  my collection of products I use everyday.
The 4 on my desk cost a total of $4.80
My collection storage cost a whopping $12.00!! (Tax not included)
Check your local stores and see what available,  there is ALWAYS something good!

Friday, September 12, 2014


     Hey everyone!!!  As promised, here are some ideas on how to do an at home spa day. You can do them all in the same day or do them piece by piece during the week.
I usually pick Sunday as my spa day, but that only included my face. Now I included body care into the equation as well.

Step 1* I recommend for everyone, exfoliation. You have to exfoliate!! Although apricot scrub isn't the worst thing to put on your face, I wouldn't recommend it. I too, use to be an apricot scrub junkie, but I have since moved on leaving me with an overstock of the product that I bought when it was on sale. I used it to exfoliate my body!       Every part but the face. And I only use it once a week. I have excema  on my legs,  I apply lotion twice a day, morning and night, but by the time I get to work, I'm dry and by the time I go to bed I'm dry again. Exfoliating helped my lotion to actually absorb into the skin. It is moisturized and my skin not only feels better, but it looks better too. I also use the scrub on the back of my arms, where the skin is rough and bumpy. I could feel the difference after 1 use. I have also used it on my chest and you can even use the apricot scrub to your hands.
      Exfoliation is great before shaving. I like to do it the day before I shave, just to minimize the "trauma"  I put my skin through in a day.
      Exfoliation is great for dark areas, like the knees and elbows. And when you're done scrubbing just rinse it off in the shower. Be sure to follow with a lotion/cream.
I usually exfoliate my legs before I get in the shower and everything else while I'm in the shower. I also use a moisturizing bodywash.
My faves: Bodywash-Nivea touch of smoothness or St. Ives college elastin Body lotion-Nivea smooth sensation or St. Ives collagen elastin
(These lotions are the only ones that work of me, but use your favorite)
Exfoliators- St. Ives apricot scrub
Or make your own salt/ sugar scrub using sea salt, or table sugar and olive oil, or your favorite oil.
Step 2* At home facial- For this I use several steps
1. Initially I apply oil to my face and remove it with a hot wet towel.  An oil that doesn't clog the pores (coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin e, etc...)
2. Exfoliate (boots botanics microdermabrasion scrub)        
3. Mask- I use one that fits my needs that week, but on a regular basis I use the charcoal mask by origins. 4. Cleanser- again on that fits my needs and you can check my article on cleansers here.
5. Toner- I use boots botanics  shine away toner, for mattifying the skin
6.Treatments/ serums- I use a serum for dark spots and an eye serum/cream.
7. Moisturize- always moisturize using no spf ( boot botanics shine away moisturizing gel cream)
Step3- relax, drink tea, wine or whatever relaxes you and sit back in your face mask and just relax. I take this time to catch up on my shows I missed during the week.
*For spa quality hair care use a deep conditioner or treatment.*
If you really want to fancy, put your hair treatment in, and your face mask on and exfoliate while those other things are working.
We are all about multitasking here at beauty on a budget.
This I exactly wet hat I do on my spa day. These simple step will have you looking radiant and beautiful in no time!
Good Luck and Happy Relaxing!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


     So this month I got this amazing birchbox! I always like my boxes, but this month was exceptional! It's well worth ( and beyond) my $10 I pay each month!
Inside is :
-Avene Cleanance gel cleanser
-Macadamia healing oil spray
-Tocca hand lotion
-Temptu highlighter
-Chapstick hydration lock lip balm
-Harvey Prince Hello perfume
I can't wait to try every single thing!