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Sunday, February 24, 2013

SEPHORA workshop

So I recently had the pleasure of attending the pilot of Sephora University. It was a skincare workshop where there was a demo, a "try" it section and shopping time with one of the available coaches.
     I learned a lot, had a great time and picked up some great products that I will review for you later.
This workshop got me to rethink my skincare routine. YES! I will admit that my routine is not the "end all, be all" of routines.
    I said earlier that I only wash my face once a day, at night. I was told I should do it twice to wash of the dead skin and bacteria from my pillow. I am greatly considering doing this. I think a mild/gently cleanser in the morning would be a good idea. So now I am on a mission to find one.         
     There was one available, Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. I am considering this , but I will always be on the look out for a less expensive product that is just as good or possibly better.

Things I learned from the workshop
Gel cleansers are good for oily/ combination skin. They usually get foamy enough to break down the oil.
Cream cleansers are good for dry/normal skin because the creamy color/texture is an indication of an added moisturizer.
Anything that is used on the eye can be used on the mouth. ie: eye cream
Apply masks with a foundation brush to save on product and to help apply evenly.

I picked up 2 products that appealed to me and I have a sample of a third product.

Origins Clear Improvement™ Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores was the first product I picked to try. It's  a clay mask and I LOVE clay masks. I had one used used many years ago, but it's since been discontinued. After having a chance to try this mask I liked it! I am going to replace my current mask product for a couple weeks to see if I notice a difference. I bought a small tube for $16. YES I know $6 above my price range!!! I have faith in this product though, so I will let you know if it was $16 well spent.

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover was the next product I bought. I (and I'm guessing some of you too) have to work a bit to remove your mascara and liner. This removes it instantly. It's silicon based which is good (silicon particles are too big to clog the pores)
The makeup comes off without any effort at all and it works for lipstick too. INSTANTLY!
There wasn't any trace of my my liner or lipstick. Then I used a regular makeup wipe for the rest of my face. This product was only $9.50. GREAT!!! It yelled BUY ME as soon as I saw it.

The sample I have is for Ole Henriksen Grease Relief™ Face Tonic. I tried it, it was good, but I am so wary of astrigents I am just not ready to give it a free pass to my face. Plus at $30 it's a large amount to plop down if I'm not sure. I was assured adding a toner/astringent to my routine would be great and help with the oilyness, but I've been burned before ( yes literally been burned) by astringents. They are always harsh and make my face feel like it's on fire then a couple hours later I'm oily again. I'd like to sample this product a few times before I'm 100% sold on the purpose as well as the price!

Go to the Sephora website and check if they'll have a workshop in your city. Hopefully this pilot will lead to more workshops in the future.

PS- The staff was VERY friendly. I am not good with names, but if you are in Sephore in the meatpacking district Keisha, Dami, Lorenna and Miranda (gosh I hope her name was Miranda) are great!

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